- Sept 15, 2016

 Wow, it's been a few days since the WestEnd Celebration! I decided to fly a bit south for a week, but I had to get back to Sand City! Home, sweet home.​

PS: Thank you for sending in your seagull pictures! They weren't of me, but i guess to you we might all look alike! Keep sending in pictures, though. i'm dying to see what my rear end feathers look like these days!

Mister Seagull here! That's right, it's me, as seen on "The Top Banner of the Sand City Website"! I get around. You'll find me on a few choice "Monterey Bay Cool Websites." I usually just hang out in a corner, or only visit one page. I'm just a travelin' gull.

​-March 2, 2018

 So..... they told me to take a vacation. I guess I forgot to come back! A lot has changed in my lovely Sand City. I'm going to have to fly around for a few days to check it out. I will be back SOON with a city-wide seagull-approved update!!!


Sand City - California

- Aug 23, 2016
  I've been rallying the flocks for the big WestEnd Celebration this weekend! Wow, there sure are gonna be a lot of folks, and from all over! If you see me there, take my picure and send it to me!

- July 5, 2016

  Well it's been a beautiful summer so far. You know, I do all my own whale watching. No boats for me! The fish have really been given a run for their money this year. I've seen a whole pod of Humpbacks just off Sand City Coast, and I think I even saw a Blue Whale. 

  It's not all sightseeing and fishing this year, though. I am trying to get me folks together to visit the West End Celebration in Sand City in August. It's about time for a family reunion! That means, hold on to your hot dogs, folks!

- June 1, 2016

  I mentioned earlier about the entertainment. I enjoy just watching the different people who go in to shop at Costco and Target. I really get a kick out of watching people roll their shopping carts over those yellow bumps. It's a blast watching and  hearing them go thump, thump, thump, thump, thump,thump, thump, thump, thump and more thumps.

  I thought I would tell you a little bit about my family. My mother and father are still alive. A couple of years ago they moved to Monterey around the Cannery Row. A couple of my younger brothers and sisters moved with them. About twice a year we have a family reunion on the grass in front of Sand City City Hall. If you happen to come by when we are there you can actually hear us singing. 

  You might want to know what my normal everyday schedule is. I tend to sleep at night, when it's dark, and I'm usually up at the crack of dawn. I try to start my day with a couple of dips in the ocean to see what I can conjure up for breakfast.​

- The Beginning

  Hi, most people call me Mister Seagull. My real name is Seacliff, but, like everybody else, you can just call me Mister Seagull. Most people when they first see me will ask me what my name is. Because I can't speak in a language that people can understand, I just stare at them. That's when most people just call me Mister Seagull.

  I was born and raised and still live in Sand City, California. It's a beautiful place for a Seagull like me to live in. I have plenty of Pacific Ocean to satisfy most of my eating and recreation needs. The everyday temperature is just about perfect, not too hot and not too cold. What more can a Seagull ask for?

  For entertainment I have two big shopping centers where I get to see thousands and thousands of different people everyday who come to do their shopping. And if that's not good enough, there are a few eating establishments where sometimes someone might leave behind some tasty leftover samples. Sometimes the samples are in a bag, but, that doesn't stop me. I'm a pretty good bag shaker.

  I remember this one time when I was shaking a McDonald's bag, (one of my favorites), when out sprang a Chicken McNugget. I thought I was in Heaven. Then things got even better when a couple of fries popped out. These are the kinds of stories I will tell my children one day.