Sand City has come a long way from its roots as a center for heavy industry, including coastal sand mining. Local business owners paved the way for the City’s incorporation on May 31, 1960, which created the public arena for local control over the City’s economic destiny and urban design.

Sand City - California

Recent history shows a steady progress toward redevelopment of the town, starting with the development of two shopping centers where there was once significant urban blight.

Sand City has a clear vision of its future as a progressive, sustainable community that encourages the kind of economic and mixed-use development that enables businesses to grow, while also maintaining a friendly, walkable community.

The long-term goal is to build on the City’s existing qualities to create a vibrant community where people can live, work and play. Using streetscape designs, planting trees and installing comfort-oriented street furniture (benches, ornamental street lights and the undergrounding of utility lines), we hope to make downtown more pedestrian-friendly, attractive and accessible to visitors from all walks of life.

History and Future